Direct Mail on Demand


Residential Address Collection From Web Site Visitors:

Imagine the ability to mail your website visitors within 12- 24 hours of their visit to your web page. Target interested clients with direct mail, the proven leader in response rate and ROI. With our simple code added to your web site, DMOD will collect visitor location data using a proprietary geo location technology that will identify the visitor’s location to within 5 meters and provide you a verified residential address.

DMOD does more than collect an address. Our automation technology provides an industry exclusive ability to target the direct mail message based on specific web page activity, not just generic website visits, allowing for a more effective customized offer.

Additionally, we give you the ability to select viable prospects based on radius from your store, targeted specific geographical locations, certain pages visited or time on your web page.

When hot prospects are hard to identify, DMOD finds them. When consumers are looking to spend big money DMOD makes it easy. When a compelling offer can help close a deal DMOD delivers.

Login to check real-time activity, check weekly visits, monthly visits or a custom date range. The dashboard shows you the date and time of the visit, their physical address and even the webpage they landed on. It also shows the unique customer ID the system uses to track their activity on your website. This ID is device specific and does not rely on cookies or IP addresses.

If you want additional information about the customer there is even a Google map view button.

Technical Aspects:

Simple Installation
Simply copy a snippet of code (provided by DMOD) onto your web page. DMOD code is only there to capture the site visitor’s browser geo location information. It does not have any other effect on your website, user’s browser, or user’s interaction with your website. A common tracking cookie is also used to track repeat visitors – this information is used to maximize your marketing results. Clients may suppress repeat visitors so they only get one mailer or generate different mailers for repeat customers.

SSL Certification
Certain browsers require SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Encryption to be installed on a website in order to request a users location settings when they visit your website. If your site does not have SSL, DMOD will still work, but will have limited reach and only capture users info who are using browsers that do not require SSL. Currently newer versions of Safari and Chrome require SSL, but all versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer do not.

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